Grace Mugabe blocks Temba Mliswa from paying Mugabe condolences

FORMER First Lady Grace Mugabe has reportedly barred talkative Norton legislator Temba Mliswa from entering the Mugabes’ Blue Roof home in Borrowdale and subsequently rejected his condolences over the death of her husband, former President Robert Mugabe.

Writing on social media, Mliswa said: “I went to go and pay my respects to the family of the late RGM this morning at “the Blue Roof”. Unfortunately a few minutes after producing my ID as requested I was informed that the former First Lady wasn’t in. Nonetheless, the family is in my thoughts and prayers.”

Mliswa said he has done his part in trying to mourn the late liberation war icon, but was surprised that he was blocked from paying respects to the dead.

“I have played my part. I didn’t know that paying respects to the dead can be denied.

“In our culture, we do not do that. If anything, what I did is just out of respect.

“I could have chosen not to go there given how she (Grace) treated me when I was expelled from Zanu-PF,” Mliswa said.

However, the former First Lady granted South African firebrand opposition leader Julius Malema access to pay his condolelnces.

A fiery pan-Africanist and admirer of Mugabe, the EFF leader and his wife was accompanied by party officials when he visited the Blue Roof mansion on Monday morning. — Zimbabwe Voice


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