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Dokora’s ex-wife goes on a rampage as divorce gets messy

FORMER Primary and Secondary Education minister Lazarous Dokora’s ex-wife, Mercy Hanyani (31), is being sued after she reportedly went to Dokora’s house in Harare, broke the door to the cottage, spilled some mealie-meal on the kitchen floor and vandalised some household goods.

The couple is going through a messy divorce.

According to court papers, the incident occurred when Dokora had left for work at the University of Zimbabwe, where he is a lecturer.

The State’s case is that after Dokora was gone to work, Hanyani went to the cottage armed with a metal object.

She allegedly tried to open the cottage door, but failed since it was locked. Hanyani then damaged the lock using a metal object and managed to gain entry.

She allegedly spilled some mealie-meal and mahewu around the kitchen floor and also hid a single gas stove plate.

The prosecution alleged that at times, Hanyani would pour water on the fire, while the family was preparing meals.


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