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Zimbabwe’s inflation hit a fresh 10-year high of 42.09 percent year-on-year in December, from 31.01 percent in November, driven by increases in the price of basic goods, the statistical agency Zimstats said on Thursday. On a monthly basis, prices increased 9.01 percent during the same period compared to 9.20 percent in November. Zimbabwe President Emmerson […]Continue Reading:
THE events of the past days since the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) called for mass protests and stay away, have not only been unfortunate but also turned out to be catastrophic.  One appalling incident was the murder of Constable Maune of ZRP Entumbane, Bulawayo who was stoned in cold blood, whilst in the […]Continue Reading:
Police have charge activist Evan Mawarire with subverting the government, a crime which carries up to 20 years in jail on conviction, after violent protests this week left three dead and scores injured, a lawyers’ group said. Mawarire was arrested by armed police on Wednesday and initially charged with the lesser crime of inciting public […]Continue Reading:
BELARUS President Alexander Lukashenko described his negotiations with Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa as fruitful. Alexander Lukashenko said: “I believe today’s meeting was a productive one. We had a lot of topics to discuss in detail. Certain agreements were reached. The most important thing is that we’ve agreed that by the time of my visit to […]Continue Reading:
The U.S. Embassy in Zimbabwe said Thursday it is “alarmed” by credible reports that security forces are targeting and beating activists and labor leaders after a local doctors’ rights group said it had treated 68 gunshot cases and scores of other cases of assault. The U.S. also urged Zimbabwe’s government to restore access to social […]Continue Reading:
WHEN we met at the bar last night, slurred speech and double vision had set in and it wouldn’t have mattered to me if she had said she was a Zanu PF supporter – I still would have gone home with her. The glued-on red claws wrapped around her bottle of Hunters, the hideous drawn-on […]Continue Reading: