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“Congo is free at last,” wailed an old woman, tears streaming down her cheeks. “We have waited years for this moment!” Two young girls behind her gyrated their hips and sang, “Bye-oh Kabila,” again and again. A senior adviser to the Democratic Republic of Congo’s President Joseph Kabila has said that he accepts the Presidential Victory […]Continue Reading:
By MAKAITA MUTASA HARARE – Eddie Cross’s opinion piece of December 29, 2018 titled “How long oh Lord, how Long?”, in which he lambasts lousy government, corruption, nonsensical monetary and macroeconomic policies, concludes that “the problem is one word: leadership”. In this article, I am complementing his observations and prescribing the leadership antidote that can Continue Reading:
VOTERS in several African nations, including Nigeria and South Africa, are headed to the ballot box in 2019. But despite the numerous elections, experts don’t expect much change on the continent. Southern Africa also faces elections in 2019, none of which are expected to bring much change. Many countries are ruled by former liberation movements […]Continue Reading: