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In little more than a year, the man who promised to open Zimbabwe’s economy for business, President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has managed to shut it down. At the time of the coup in November 2017, Robert Mugabe warned that Mnangagwa was not up to the job and that the change in government was cosmetic. He has […]Continue Reading:
Jacob Zuma was in disgrace last year, a South African president forced from office by scandal and then in court on corruption charges. He is now in the midst of a remarkable makeover, wooed by a ruling party that recognizes his enduring appeal to some supporters and is anxious to paper over divisions ahead of […]Continue Reading:
VOTERS in several African nations, including Nigeria and South Africa, are headed to the ballot box in 2019. But despite the numerous elections, experts don’t expect much change on the continent. Southern Africa also faces elections in 2019, none of which are expected to bring much change. Many countries are ruled by former liberation movements […]Continue Reading: