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It takes Halima Simba (pictured) about an hour by foot in a round trip from Zimbabwe to buy petrol in Musina, Limpopo. Her customers are the many taxis stranded without fuel, victims of last week’s spike in the petrol price that made it the most expensive in the world. But Musina is also feeling the […]Continue Reading:
THIS is a difficult year for Zimbabweans. Aside from the government’s recent decision to increase fuel prices, which led to a widespread resistance, Zimbabwe is likely to experience maize shortage later in the year, which would also result in an increase in food prices. Farmers in most regions of the country experienced dryness at the […]Continue Reading:
In the heart of Sandton – a vibrant, high energy commercial centre in Johannesburg – is a premier business centre minting top dollar. The mansions here, with their long, gated driveways and million-dollar views, are part of a hamlet called African Medallion Group (AMG). Locals have another name for these moneyed lanes: “new money.” That’s […]Continue Reading:
Jacob Zuma was in disgrace last year, a South African president forced from office by scandal and then in court on corruption charges. He is now in the midst of a remarkable makeover, wooed by a ruling party that recognizes his enduring appeal to some supporters and is anxious to paper over divisions ahead of […]Continue Reading:
A South African primary school teacher was suspended on Thursday after a photograph appeared to show black children sitting separately from white children in a classroom, sparking a storm of racism accusations. The pupils were attending their first day at the Schweizer-Reneke school in North West province when the teacher took a photograph to send to anxious […]Continue Reading: